Ancient Atmosphere and Modern Technology

All rooms and suites are equipped with the most modern amenities, like safe with personal combination, WiFi internet connection, satellite TV and a new heating/air conditioning system working all year round.

Our Guests can choose the type of room that best suits their needs:

Let yourself be rocked by the waves of the canal!


Damasks, golden framed mirrors, Murano glass, the flexuous lines of briar furniture decorated with gold leaf and soft, wood, Rezzonico style floors will make you feel immersed in the atmosphere of Venice of the past, as if you were travelling back in time.

The Rooms are inspired by some views of the Grand Canal or by some protagonists of 18th century’s Venetian art and culture, like Doge, Dogaressa, Casanova, Tiepolo, Canaletto, Guardi, Vivaldi, Longhi, Ricci, Canova, Goldoni, Carnevale, Carriera, Grand Canal and Antique Market.


Each room is enriched by a painting that recalls the person or the place that has inspired the room and by a brochure that includes some interesting notes with hints to visit the city.


In this way you will have a taste of Venice through its history and the people who have made the city great and well-known all over the world.